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Wild Seed & Watering Hole by Tanya Price Nangala

Wild Seed and Waterhole black Australian Aboriginal fabric by Tanya Price Nangala is a lovely design of seeds and wildflowers in burgundy, coral and sage  on a black background. The Australian Aboriginal fabric is printed on 100% soft hand cotton that is 42" wide. It is ideally suited for quilting, garments, home decor and other fabric crafts.


Wild Seed and Waterhole is an excellent design from Tanya's motherland, Utopia. 


Tanya depicts Australia's wild flowers and wilds seeds as being blown by the wind. People around the area collect the seeds and wash them to get rid of sand and stones. They dry and powder the seeds after washing them. Women sit around the watering hole while they chat and make a tasty bread from the powder.

Colors include black, orange, rust, yellow, brown, pink, green, red and white.

Wild Seed & Watering Hole by Tanya Price Nangala

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